Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals

Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals


Baptisms are celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 12:30PM. Please call the Pastor to arrange for the Baptism of your child.
In our experience, sometimes people are misled by what others tell them. Some may say: “Oh, no the priest won’t Baptize your baby because…” Don’t listen to what others tell you! If you are in doubt, always call Monsignor Sangermano and he will help you if he can.

Godparents for Baptism must be at least 16 years of age, have received the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation and be “eligible” to be a Godparent. Godparents who are not registered at Holy Saviour need a “Letter of Eligibility” (not a Baptismal Certificate) from the Parish they belong to at present. If you have any difficulty or questions about any of these points, please call us.

Naming your children

Please remember that the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church obliges Pastors to be sure that children are not given names “contrary to Christian sentiment” at Baptism. Name your children after family members so that they will have a sense of “connection” in a fractured world! The Church asks us to give children the names of Saints for the same reason: so that they may have special intercessors in Heaven and may have a Heavenly “friend” to learn about and imitate. In today’s world, your children need all the help they can get: give them the beautiful names of the Saints and of family members and you will be giving them a great treasure!


Weddings are celebrated in Holy Saviour Parish on Friday evenings and Saturdays. No Weddings are celebrated on Sundays, due to the extensive Sunday Mass schedule at both Churches, as well as Baptisms. At least one of the two people being married must be a member of Holy Saviour Parish when a Wedding is requested here. This is not because we do not want to serve people, but because the Pastor is the only Priest assigned to this large Parish and so he must make it a priority to be available to serve his registered parishioners.

The earliest time for a Saturday Wedding is 11AM and the latest time slot is 3PM. It is always necessary to allow two hours between Weddings in fairness to both Wedding parties. Please check availability of your date at the Church before engaging a Reception Hall.

The Parish publishes a very fine book, “Your Wedding at Holy Saviour Parish,” which is given to couples when they first arrange for their Wedding here and it contains much useful information. We also have a Parish Pre-Cana Program.

Some Helpful Information for a Wedding at Holy Saviour PDF

Marriage Booklet PDF


StainedGlass400Our deepest sympathy for your loss. We are honored you are considering Funeral Liturgies for your loved one at Holy Saviour Parish.

Your Funeral Director should give you a copy of the funeral letter to families explaining how the arrangements are made, but it is also linked above for your convenience.

Please complete and return the Funeral Liturgy Planning Form by email to Monsignor Sangermano at or for Father Heron to a Guest Priest is coming for the Funeral, please return to

**Please see “Funeral Letter to Families” above:
(All Funeral Directors are responsible for giving this Letter to families who are arranging for a Funeral at Holy Saviour Parish.)

Reading selections from both the Old and New Testament are outlined in the full Funeral Liturgy Planning Packet, Download Full Funeral Liturgy Planning Packet with Instructions for Readings and Gifts…

The first page of this packet is the Funeral Liturgy Planning Form where the selection of readings and option of gifts should be completed and submitted by email to Monsignor Sangermano or Father Heron.